Andreyev to Archuk

Vasily Andreyev (Василий Андреев; Wasily Andreyeff)

Born 1897, Petrograd, Russia. Worked as seaman age 15-19, then as a traveling acrobat and actor, and migrated to US in 1915. Met Emma Goldman that same year, and frequently visited her thereafter. Toured with variety show “The Five Pandurs,” and according to his American employer, “Ever since he has been in my employ this man has been active in talking and handing pamphlets to others on the stage, trains and hotels. The nature of his talk has been on the subject of socialism and anarchism.” Also a vegetarian who “does not believe in the killing of any animal life,” and member of the White Rats Actor’ Union of America (AFL) and involved in its 1916-17 strike in New York. Arrested 1918 while on tour in Chicago after federal agents interrogated a waitress about where she had obtained copies of the Mother Earth Bulletin they saw her reading. Released on bail, then deported 1921.

FBI file OG 8000-133039

See also Harry Weinberger Papers, Yale University

Anton Andronsyuk (Антон Андронсюк; Anton Andronsuk; Androusuk)

Born 1893, Grodno, Russia (present-day Belarus). Laborer; migrated to US 1911. Financial secretary of Buffalo branch of Union of Russian Workers when arrested November 1919; deported on Buford.

INS file 54709/137

Roman Andryuk (Роман Андрюк; Roman Andriuk)

Born 1893, Grodno, Russia (present-day Belarus). Sailor (fireman); first migrated to US 1913. Joined Union of Russian Workers 1918. Arrested New York during Palmer Raids of November 1919, stated support for the Soviet government; deported on the Buford.

INS file 54709/272

Antoniy Aniseniya (Антоний Анисения; Anthony Anisienia)

Born 1887, Grodno, Russia (present-day Belarus). Member Hartford, CT branch of Union of Russian Workers 1919, arrested November of that year; deported on Buford.

INS file 54709/391

Ivan Anotsky (Иван Аноцкий; John; Onotsky; Onotzky; Onortsyk)

Born 1893, Grodno region, Russia (present-day Belarus). Porter. Migrated to US 1915. Joined Russian Branch No. 3 of the Socialist Party of America in Detroit circa 1917; transferred into Communist Party of America 1919. Visited Pittsburgh 1919 to speak against the anarchists of the Union of Russian Workers. Arrested in Detroit during the first Palmer Raids, January 1920. According to Detroit’s Review Committee of Citizens, “This man is much more educated tahn the others whom we examined; he has always been thrifty and hard working, and the Committee is impressed with his high level of intelligence.” Deported to Russia February 1, 1921.

Immediately after arrival reportedly volunteered to participate in repression of the Kronstadt Mutiny; and subsequently made a commissar. Allegedly a “degenerate and an alcoholic,” and sentenced to death for embezzlement; escaped to Poland.

INS file 54860/602; FBI file OG 386232

See also: Delo Truda, December 1937-February 1938 (with thanks to Malcolm Archibald)

Fedor Antonchick (Федор Антончик; Fredor/Frederick Antonchick)

Born 1891, Grodno, Russia (present-day Belarus). Migrated to US via Canada 1914, “probably surreptitiously,” leaving wife and child in Petrograd. Member of the International Longshoremen’s Association, Local 895 (AFL), and probably the Communist Party of America. Arrested New York October 20, 1919, during ILA strike while handing out multilingual leaflets published by the Communist Party of America. Arrested again during Palmer Raids, November 11, 1919; while on bail arrested November 29 and charged with “criminal anarchy.” Declared, “I don’t consider myself guilty of this charge, but I have nothing against being deported if I can be deported where my wife is.” Deported on the Buford.

INS file 54709/94

Alexander Antonoff (Antonov)

Born c.1896, Grodno region, Russia (present-day Belarus). Immigrated to Canada 1913, then to US 1916. Laborer. Member of both the Union of Russian Workers and the IWW; anarchist. Arrested Pittsburgh, April 14, 1919. Deported on the Buford.

Vladimir Archuk (Владимир Арчук, Wladzimar Archiuk)

Born 1888, Minsk, Russia (present-day Belarus). Former corporal in Russian Army. Laborer; migrated to US 1914. Joined Union of Russian Workers in Hartford, CT, 1919. Arrested November 1919. Deported on the Buford.

INS file 54709/375

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