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Zharko to ______

Nikifor Zharko (Никифор Жарко; Zarko)

Born 1894, Grodno region, Russia. Laborer. Migrated to US 1913. May 1918 joined Branch No. 1 of the Union of Russian Workers in Baltimore. Arrested November 26, 1919. Deported on the Buford. Subsequent activities unknown.

INS file 54709/484

Lukian Viktolorovich Zibula (Лукиан Виктолорович Зибула; Luka; Victolorovish; Sebull; Tsibuliev)

Born 1892, Volhynia, Russia. Weaver. Migrated to US 1912. Joined the Socialist Party of America in Philadelphia; subsequently joined the Philadelphia branch of the Union of Russian Workers. Arrested December 30, 1919. Deported to Russia, February 1, 1921. Subsequent activities unknown.

INS file 54809/900

Bertha Zimmerman (Берта Цимерман; née Masdawid or Masdawit)

Born 1885, Riga, Russia (present-day Latvia). Latvian. Housewife; garment worker. Migrated to US 1907. Married fellow deportee David Zimmerman in Boston that same year. Literate in Russian, Lettish, German, and some English. Joined the National Lettish Organization of the Socialist Party of America. 1908 son Erick born. Circa 1908 moved to Chicago, where involved in the IWW. Circa 1918 moved to Baltimore. September 1919 charter member of the Lettish Federation of the Communist Party of America; member of the party’s Baltimore Central Committee and distributor of its publication The Communist. Arrested during the second Palmer Raids, January 2, 1920. Deported February 1, 1921. Subsequent activities unknown.

INS file 54859/549; FBI file OG 391151

See also: Vernon L. Pedersen, The Communist Party in Maryland, 1919-57

David Davidovich Zimmerman (Давид Давидович Цимерман)

Born 1875, Riga, Russia (present-day Latvia). Latvian. Carpenter. Circa 1904 joined the Latvian Social Democratic Workers’ Party. Migrated to US 1906. Joined the National Lettish Organization of the Socialist Party of America. Married fellow deportee Bertha Zimmerman in Boston 1907. 1908 son Erick born. Circa 1908 moved to Chicago, where involved in the IWW. Circa 1918 moved to Baltimore. September 1919 charter member of the Lettish Federation of the Communist Party of America; member of the party’s Baltimore Central Committee and distributor of its publication The Communist. Arrested during the second Palmer Raids, January 2, 1920. Deported February 1, 1921. Joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union that same year. Lived in Leningrad. Arrested June 1938 for espionage during Stalin’s purges. Executed October 10, 1938.

FBI file OG 46773

See also: Vernon L. Pedersen, The Communist Party in Maryland, 1919-57;

Victor Zubkiadich (Виктор Зубкиадич; Jubkiavich)

Born 1885, Vilna, Russia (present-day Vilnius, Lithuania). Laborer. Migrated to US 1911. Circa 1917 joined Russian Branch No. 3 of the Socialist Party of America; 1919 transferred into Russian Branch No. 3 of the Communist Party in Detroit. Arrested during the second Palmer Raids, January 6, 1920, at the House of the Masses. “Voluntary departure” to Russia via Montreal, October 16, 1920.

INS file 54859/982; FBI file OG 8000-391223

Nestor Zubko (Нестор Зубко; aka Walter)

Zubko’s Socialist Party membership card

Born 1895, Russia. Laborer. Migrated to US 1913. 1918 joined the Russian Branch of the Socialist Party of America in Bridgeport, Connecticut; 1919 joined the Bridgeport branch of the Union of Russian Workers. Arrested during the first Palmer Raids, November 12, 1919. Deported on the Buford. Subsequent activities unknown.

INS file 54709/400

Simeon Zuk (Симеон Цук; Sam; Zuek; Suek)

Born 1885, Grodno region, Russia (present-day Belarus). Laborer. Migrated to US 1913 (via Canada). Wife and children in Russia. Joined the Socialist Party of America in Detroit; 1919 transferred into Branch No. 1 of the Communist Party of America. Arrested February 1920. “Voluntarily departed” October 30, 1920. Subsequent activities unknown.

INS file 54859/799

Jonas Zakauski (Zukauskas)

Deported to Russia, February 26, 1921. No further information found.

Included on list of deported radicals in INS file 55110/4

Talki Zukauski (Zukauskas)

Housewife. Deported to Russia, February 26, 1921. No further information found.

Included on list of deported radicals in INS file 55110/4

Salvatore Zumpano

Born 1888, San Nicola dell’Alto, Calabria, Italy. Laborer; teacher; bookseller. Graduated from an industrial school in Cosenza and trained as an electrician. Migrated to US 1914. Settled in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, where worked as a laborer and Italian language teacher. 1914 joined IWW and became organizer for it among local miners. 1916 moved to Youngstown, Ohio, and active in defense campaign for Carlo Tresca during the Mesabi Iron Range Strike; quit the IWW along with Tresca following internal controversy over Tresca’s actions during the strike. Returned to Old Forge and opened a small bookstore in “a shack,” selling both radical and non-radical literature. Arrested June 4, 1917 for anti-conscription activities, and “about one hundred and fifty pounds of anarchistic literature,” as well as an envelope containing a portion of executed IWW member Joe Hill’s ashes, were confiscated by police, who also allegedly stole more than $20 from his store. Sentenced to a year in Lackawanna County Jail for failing to register for the draft. He explained his actions: “I cherish and believe in international brotherhood of the workers–of mankind.” Subsequently indicted under the Espionage Act in the federal IWW trial in Chicago and moved to Cook County Jail, but the indictment against him was dropped after six months because he was no longer a member of the IWW at the time of America’s entrance into it. Released from jail August 15, 1918; immediately arrested by immigration authorities and held for deportation. Deported July 3, 1919. No political activity noted by Italian authorities, who in 1937 removed him from the Italian government’s list of “subversives” after reporting that he “no longer professes subversive ideas” and instead “takes an active part in all patriotic and [Fascist] Party ceremonies.”

INS file 54235/39; FBI file OG 21993; CPC busta 5611

See also: Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg PA), June 9, 1917; Harry Weinberger Papers, Yale University

Anton ______

Deported to Lithuania, October 22, 1920. No further information found.

Included on list of deported radicals in INS file 54325/36G

Index of Deportees

Abate to Aguilera

  • Erasmo Abate (aka Hugo Rolland)
  • Jacob Abrams (Yankel Abramovsky; Jack)
  • Mikhail Abrosimov (Михаил Абросимов; Michael Abrossemoff)
  • Veniamin Afanasevich (Вениамин Афанасьевич; Benjamin Afansievich; aka Benjamin Ptashetchnik)
  • Crescencio Lopez Aguilera

Ahlteen to Anderson

  • Carl Ahlteen (Carl Althén, aka Carl Johansson)
  • Clement Alexanderovitch
  • August Allman (Allmann)
  • Lars Anderson (Andersson)
  • Peter Anderson (Andersson; aka Peter Martel)
  • Henning Anderson (Andersson)

Andreyev to Archuk

  • Vasily Andreyev (Василий Андреев; Wasily Andreyeff)
  • Roman Andryuk (Роман Андрюк; Roman Andriuk)
  • Anton Andronsyuk (Антон Андронсюк; Anton Andronsuk; Androusuk)
  • Antoniy Aniseniya (Антоний Анисения; Anthony Anisienia)
  • Ivan Anotsky (Иван Аноцкий; John; Onotsky; Onotzky; Onortsyk)
  • Alexander Antonoff (Antonov)
  • Fedor Antonchick (Федор Антончик; Fredor/Frederick Antonchick)
  • Vladimir Archuk (Владимир Арчук, Wladzimar Archiuk)

Arndt to Bagatchuk

  • Fred Arndt
  • Charles Ashleigh
  • Joseph Aukstuolis
  • Aurelio Vincente Azuara (Vicente Azuara)
  • Alfredo Bagaglino
  • Simon Bagatchuk (aka Sam Bush)

Bahruk to Baldenkov

  • Dimitry Bahruk
  • Frederick Baker
  • Andrei Balash (Андрей Балаш, Andrew Balucz)
  • Giovanni Baldazzi (John Baldazzi; Baldazza)
  • Ivan G. Baldenkov (Baldenkoff)

Balick to Baritz

  • Vasiliy Balik (Василий Балик, Wasily Balick or Bilicki)
  • Ugo Balzano
  • Walter Banaczyk
  • Peter P. Banaitis
  • Daniel Bardaio
  • Moses Baritz

Barkovsky to Bendik

  • Samuel (or Semyon) Barkovsky (Сэмюэл or Семён Барковский, Samuel or Samion Barkowsky)
  • Stanislaw Bartesiewics (aka Stanley Barton, aka Joe Rink, aka Joe Rynkiewich)
  • Ivan Baskevich (Иван Баскевич; John; Basskevich)
  • Aleksandr Ivanovich Batura (Александр Иванович Батура)
  • Morris Becker
  • Max Belesky or Belessky
  • Emelyan Belesta (Емельян Белеста, aka Michael Belesta, Andrew Belesta, Andriev Belesta)
  • Bezil Belousov (Бэзил Белоусов, Basil Belusoff, aka Basil Bibusoff)
  • Demyan Belowky
  • William Bendik (Бендик, Bendick)

Beniecewich to Berg

  • Kazimir Benicewich (or Benicowich)
  • Tom Benich
  • Philip Berezka (Beresko,Borodsky, Berezovsky)
  • Edward Berg

Berger to Bernat

  • Frederick Harold Berger (Фредрик Харольд Бергер)
  • Otto Berglind (Otto Bergleind; aka August Berdland)
  • Alexander Berkman (Александр Беркман; Ovsei Osipovich Berkman)
  • Grigoriy Berko (Григорий Берко; Gregory Berko)
  • Charles Bernat (Бернат)

Bernstein to Bianki

  • Ethel Bernstein (Этель Бернштейн)
  • Yakov Berov (Яков Беров, Jacob Berov, aka Jocob Byra)
  • Isidoro Bertazzon (Bertason)
  • Fedor Biacharsky (Федор Бячарский, Frank Biacharski)
  • Pietro Bianchi
  • Nadia Bianki (Надя Бианки)
  • Peter Bianki (Петр Бианки, Bianki/Bianky, Peter Bianchi)

Bileski to Bogen

  • Harry Bileski
  • Mikhail Bilokumsky (Michael)
  • _________ Bjorkman
  • Catherine Hartog Bloom
  • Sergey Bobkov (Сергей Бобков, Serge Bobkoff or Babkoff)
  • Sevastyan Bogdanovich (Севастьян Богданович, Sebastian aka Sam)
  • Xenov Bogen (Зенов Боген, Zenow/Zenov Bogen)

Bogush to Brezovic

  • ______ Bogush (Богуш)
  • Nikolai Bolsun (Bolson, Bolsum)
  • Vasiliy Bondarenko (Васи́лий Бондаренко, Wasiliy Bondarenko, aka William Bender/Bander)
  • Samuel Bondarenko (Самуил Бондаренко; Sam Bondarenko)
  • Peter Bonko
  • Vasiliy Bootryn
  • Vladimir Borisyuk (Владимир Борисюк, Vladimir Borisiuk/Borisink, Walter Borisuk)
  • ____ Borkhak
  • Ivan Borovsky (Боровский; John; Borowsky)
  • Boris Borsuk (Борис Борсук, Boroes/Borores Borsuk)
  • Max Brazeliya (Макс Бразелия or Бразилия, Brazelia)
  • Josef Brencich
  • Stefen Brezovic (Vrezovic; Steve)

Brodya to Buhay

  • Frank Brodya (Бродя, Frank Brodia, Frank Broida, aka P. Broido)
  • Abe Brook (Эйб Брук, Abe Bruk/Brooks/Brock/Bruke, Obe Bruk)
  • Ivan Nicholaevich Brunert (Иван Брунерт, John Brunert/Brunett)
  • Ivan Bubenko (aka John Bubenko)
  • Anton Budkowsky (Antoni Buoty/Buotv; Butkocky; Butkockery; Butkowski)
  • Fedor Buhay (Frank Bohai)

Bukhanov to Butskevich

  • Timofey Pavlovich Bukhanov (Тимофей Павлович Буханов, Thomas P. Bukhanov, Buchanov or Bukanoff, aka “Tommy the Kid”)
  • Alexander Bukhovetsky (Александра Буховецкого, Alexander Bukovetsky, aka Felix/Feliks Konosevich/Konossevich, Феликс Коносевич)
  • Mikhail Bushanowits (Michael)
  • Ivan J. Busija (John J. Busija)
  • Paul Bussert
  • William Butrimuk (aka Basil Warseleideuk, aka William Novick)
  • Mikhail Demyanovich Butskevich (Михаил Демьянович Буцкевич, Michael Deminavich Butzkevich)

Canle to Chernov

  • Juan Canle (John Canle; Canel; Canlo)
  • Arthur Stanley Cattell (aka Kotel)
  • Michele Centrone
  • Antonio Cesco (Chesco)
  • Boris Cevetsky (Sckiwitsky)
  • Yakov Cewook (Yakow; Gewook; Tsiwuh)
  • Ivan Chernyavsky (Иван Чернявский; John Cherniawsky; Chermiansky)
  • Alexandr “Sasha” Chernov (Александр Чернов, Alexander Chernoff; aka Vasiley Vasilitt; aka Lightner)
  • George Chernov (Chernove; Chernova; Obernoff)

Chestyakov to Chuprina

  • S. G. Chestyakov (С. Г. Честяков, Gregory Chestikoff)
  • Andrey Chigraev (Андрей Чиграев, Andy Chigraeff)
  • Lev Ilyich Chizhevsky (Лев Ильич Чижевский, Leo Chijefsky)
  • Stanislav Chizhevsky (Станислав Чижевский, Stanislaus Chijevsky)
  • Maksim Chineyko (Maxim Chinejko)
  • Stepan Chinevich (or Stephen; Hinievich)
  • Leon Chikalyuk (Леон Чикалюк, Leo Chrikaluik, Chikaliuk)
  • Andrey Chuprina (Андрей Чуприна; Andrew; Chaprina; Czupryna)

Coacci to Dardzinski

  • Ferruccio Coacci
  • Umberto Colarossi
  • Sam Colbus (aka Colbas, Colbun, Kolbun)
  • Amy Colyer (née Withall)
  • William Thomas Colyer (aka Tom Colyer)
  • James Cully (Jimmy; Culley)
  • George Cyzyk (Cysyk, Cyzik, Chizhik, aka Paul Gigalko; Paul Zygaloff)
  • Jan Dalkovksy (Ян Далковский; Dalkowsky)
  • Ivan Danilovich (Иван Данилович, John Danilovich)

Daskevitch to Diarkovsky

  • Moron Daskevitch
  • William Daynega
  • Vincenzo de Lecce (aka Ebreo Errante)
  • Andrey Dediushka (Andrew; Andy; Giguska; Diguska)
  • Mikhail Degtyarev (Михаил Дегтярев, Michael Deitktirow; Diaktarow)
  • Kalistrat Demco (Калистрат Демко; Demes)
  • Ivan Denczyk (John)
  • Yakim Denisyuk (Яким Денисюк; Yakim Denisuk; Jack Denison)
  • Alexandr Derkach (Александр Деркач; Alexander Derkatch)
  • Nello di Ciuccio
  • Frank Diarkovsky

Dixon to Dyachuk

  • Samuel H. Dixon
  • Wincenty Dmowski
  • John W. Dobrinich
  • Peter Dolgay (Dolgag; Dowhay)
  • Victor Dombrowski (Dombrivski; aka Douglas Dombrowski)
  • Harry Dorosh (aka Mike Dorash, Mike Smith)
  • Konstantin Demyanovich Draco (Константин Демьянович Драко)
  • Sidor Drankovich (Cedar)
  • Dionisy Drichetz (Dennis Drichitz)
  • Sergey Drigov (сергей дригов; Drigoff)
  • Alexandr Dubarev (Александр Дубарев, Alexander Dubareff)
  • Ivan Dubov (Иван Дубов, John Duboff)
  • Petr Dubovik (Петр Дубовик)
  • Ivan Dudinsky (John Dudinsky)
  • Anton Dudka (Антон Дудка; Antonio; Tony)
  • Serge Dukhane
  • Alex Dulchewshi
  • Michael Dunetz (Mike)
  • Wladyslaw Dwanowsky
  • Paul Dyachuk (aka Pavel Deonesieff)

Elak-Berman to Faggi

  • David Maksimovich Elak-Berman (David Ilak; David Eelak; aka A. Emelianoff)
  • Roberto Elia
  • Nikolai Elkevich (Николай Элькевич; Nicholas)
  • Ivan Elko (Evan; Velko)
  • Robert Elstin (aka Robert Kisten)
  • Ivan Ermola (John Yarmola, Ivan Yermola, Иван Ермола)
  • Adolph Ersson
  • Jack Eschuk (Escuk)
  • Nikita Eskimashko (aka Nikita Ikmasko)
  • Fred Evanow (Theo; Evanov; Evanof)
  • Angelo Faggi

Fagotti to Fengol

  • Alfonso Fagotti
  • Anton Federako (Tony Federaco)
  • Nick Federov
  • Maxim Fedorash (Максим Федораш)
  • Ivan Fedosky (John Fedosky, Iwan Fesosky; Fidosky)
  • Kirio Fedyk (Кирио Федык)
  • Ivan Felchuk (Иван Фельчук; John; Filchuk; Wilchuk)
  • Emil Feltman (Emile)
  • Kiril Fengol ( or Kirin; Kirin Pinhol)

Fernandez to Foli

  • Josef Ramón Fernández
  • Ramon Fernandez (Raymond Fernandez)
  • Egor Matveevich Feskov (Грегори Матвеевич Фесков; Egor Feskow; Harry Feskow; Grigory Feskov)
  • William Fields (Field)
  • Ivan Filisofov (Иван Философов; John Philisoph)
  • Olaf Finnestad (Finnstad)
  • Friedrich Fischer (Fred Fischer/Fisher; aka Charles Williams and Charles William Fischer)
  • Enrique Flores Magón
  • Ignacz Fogler
  • Virgilio Foli

Fraser to Furs

  • Donald McPherson Fraser
  • Adolfo Frattesi (Adolph Fratese)
  • Giuseppe Frattesi (Joe, Joseph)
  • Vincenzo Frattesi (Vincent Fratese)
  • Giovanni Fruzzetti (Frizzetti, aka Balloni; Gianni Lupo)
  • Timofey Furs (Thomas)

Galeotti to Gazeyog

  • Alba Galeotti (born Giuseppina Genisio; Galleoti)
  • Guglielmo Galeotti (aka William Galleoti)
  • Luigi Galleani
  • Alexander Gallod (Alex; Golod)
  • Laureano García
  • Regelio García (Roglio)
  • Isso Gartner (aka Imre Geery or Geerry)
  • Jack Gaveel (J. G. Gaveel; aka Jackotonsky, Jacknowsky, Jakov Zukatansky)
  • Fred Gazeyog (Gazeyek, Gazeycg)

Geray to Giusto

  • Andrey Geray (Andrew)
  • Mikhail Gernet (Михаил Гернет, Michael Gernet, Geronet)
  • Grigory Gerish (Григорий Гериш, Harry Gerrish)
  • Tilly Gerish (née Katetsky; Tillie Gerrish)
  • Natale Girolimetti
  • Bonaiuto Giusto (Buonianto; Bonaiuti)

Goldman to Grau i Jassans

  • Emma Goldman
  • Philip Golishko (Felip, Filip)
  • José González 
  • Grigory Varfolomeevich Gorbich (Григорий Варфоломеевич Горбич; Gregory; Gorbitch)
  • Nikolay Gorin (Николай Горин; Nick; Nicholai; Nickolai)
  • Ivan Gornobsky (John)
  • Vasil Gornovsky (Василь Горновский; Gornovisky)
  • George Goroshkov (Гарошков or Горошков, Garoshkow, Gorshkov, aka Ivan Balui)
  • Samuil Goz (Самуил Гоз; Samuel; Sam; Gordon)
  • Ivan Gramatsky
  • Josep Grau i Jassans (José Grau Jassans; Jose Grau; Jessans; Jensans; aka Arnaldo Sopelana/Sopelano, Adolfo Apelle)

Graves to Gusko

  • Thomas Graves
  • Pavel Grib (Paul; Gribb; Greb)
  • Seodor Grigoreko or Grigorenko
  • Nikolai Grishko (Grishco; Nicholas Hrishco)
  • Alfred Groener
  • Adolph Gross
  • John Grunzweig
  • Ivan Gushchia (Иван Гущя; John; Gushchla)
  • Ivan Gushchia (John; Gushchany; Gushia)
  • William Gusko (Jusko)

Hajduk to Hicke

  • Alfons Hajduk (Alfonso; Alfonse; Hajdak; Haiduk; Hieduk; Hyduk)
  • Onofry Halevich
  • Vazil Haluszak (Basil; William Halussosek)
  • Peter Hancharuk
  • Stanley Haranin (B. Haranin)
  • Vasil Haritouchik (William Hatrinuk)
  • Leo Haskevich (Leonti Hackwicz; Leonte Hackewicz; Leo Haskewich; aka Sittimikoff)
  • Ernest Emil Albert Heitmiller (E.A. Heitmiller)
  • Petr Herasevich (or Gerasevich)
  • José Ángel Hernández
  • Jacob Heroch (or Horoch)
  • Christopher Hetagureff
  • John Charles Hicke (John Kicke; aka Kurowsky)

Hing to Indriunas

  • Wong Hing (Harry Hing)
  • Mikhail Hirney (Michael; Mike; Herney)
  • Mikhail Hladish (Hladysh)
  • Alfred Hoffman (aka Edward Compe; Edward Kerlap; Edwin Hoffman)
  • Fritz Arthur Holm
  • Paul Holovkin (Prokop Holowkin; Golowkin)
  • Andrew Hostilla (Andrey Kastialla)
  • Pete Hydamachuk (Peter)
  • Stepanos Indriunas (Степанос Индриунас; Steponas)

Isaacson to Jackson

  • Gussie Isaacson (Gussie Itzickson; née Denenberg)
  • Jacob (“Jack”) Isaacson (Jacob Itzickson; aka Jacob Denenberg)
  • Andrew Iswashko
  • George Ivanov (Evenov)
  • Dmitry Ivanyuk (Дмитрий Иванюк, Dimitri Iwaniuk; aka James Nouvak)
  • Jacob Jackotonsky (Jacknowsky; Jakov Zukatansky)
  • Herbert Harold Jackson

Jankovich to Justkavich

  • Jerto Jankovich
  • John Janson (Johnson; Jensen; aka Earnest/Ernest Laukivors/Laukivirs/Laukioirs)
  • George Jerevich
  • Johan Johanson (John Johnson; real name Jonas Back)
  • Ragnar Johanson (Johannson)
  • David E. Johnson
  • Oscar Johnson (aka Arthur Ludwig Holden)
  • Mihail Jolnerovitz
  • John Justkavich (aka Sam Ushkovich)

Kabas-Tarasyuk to Karniski

  • Ivan Kabas-Tarasyuk (Иван Кабас-Тарасюк; John Tarasuk, Tarasyk, Tarasiuk; Vanaya Kabas-Tarasyuk; aka John T. Rasky, John Tarasky)
  • Luka Kachanov (Лука Качанов, Katchanov, Kachanow, Katchanos)
  • Samuel Kadatsky or Kodatsky
  • Paul Kalach
  • Ivan Kalenov (Иван Каленов, John Kaleanoff, John Chaljin)
  • Josef Kalenezcicz (Kalenczicz)
  • George Kaltejika
  • Stepan Kaminsky (Степан Каминский, Steve Kaminsky)
  • Ivan Kamisoruk (John; Komisaruk)
  • Samuel Kanovich or Kanonovich (Сэмюэл Канович or Канонович, Kanowich)
  • John Kanter
  • Gust Karniski (Густ Карниски)

Katzes to Kircher

  • Arthur Katzes (Katses; Kestes; Ketzus; Katz)
  • Joe Kaunas (Bogdanas)
  • Teleso Kavalianskas (Stanley; Kavalionskas, Kavalauskas; Talespor Kavalanchas)
  • Joseph (“Joe”) Kennedy
  • Ilya Kerczuk (Ellis Kerchuk)
  • Boris Keretchuk
  • Nuval Kerget (Нувал Кергет; Nabul)
  • Ivan Kesevich
  • Olan Killen
  • William Kircher

Kirson to Konavalchuk

  • Beril Kirson (Boris; Barnet; Barnett; Kirzon)
  • Joseph Kish (Kiz; Kis; Kiss; Kism)
  • Nikolai Kizer (Николай Кизер; Nick)
  • Nikolai Klemiatov (Николай Клемятов; Nicholas Klemiatoff; Kleminatoff)
  • Efim Kochovetz (aka M. Berisoff)
  • Efim Kolesnikov (Ефим Колесников; John Kolesnikoff; Joachim)
  • Jim Komar (or Jonar)
  • Pavel Konavalchuk (Paul)

Konikh to Korostyshevsky

  • Gerasim Konikh (John Konik)
  • Aleksandr Konon (Александр Конон; Alexander Kornen; Konol)
  • Pavel Konon (Павел Конон; Paul Konon; Pawel; Konen)
  • John Konopatsky (Иван Конопацкий; aka Anton Konopatsky)
  • Feliks Konosevich-Bukovetsky (Феликс Коносевич-Буковецки, Felix Konesevich, Feliks Konosevich or Konossevich)
  • Ignatz Konoval (Ignance Konowal; Ignace)
  • Benjamin Kontrowitz (Kontorovich; Kantorovitch; Berl Kanterowicz; Berek; aka B. Kanter)
  • Vasily Mitin Konyakin (Василий Митин Конякин, Vasil Koniakin; Vasil Mitin)
  • Feodor Korini (Frank; Korano; Karoni; aka Brutski; Brutzki; Rutzky)
  • Zys Korostyshevsky (Зыс Коростышевский; Zusil; aka Joe Kraus)

Korotkov to Kovalenko

  • Vasily Korotkov (Василий Коротков; Vasely Krotokoff; Koratkoff; Keratkoff)
  • Gregory Koroviansky (aka George Karoff)
  • Anton Korshikov (Антон Коршиков; Tony Korscheikoff; Korschikoff)
  • Wacław Kosiorek
  • Mike Koslick
  • Logvin Kostevich (Логвин Костевич; Lenohon; aka Louis Kostevich)
  • Gabriel Kosticovitch (Kosticowitsc)
  • Konstantin Koszko
  • Anton Kotiak (Антон Котяк)
  • Maxwell Kotick (Максвелл Котик; Kotik; Kutick)
  • Dionisiy Ivanovich Koval (Дионисий Иванович Коваль; Daniel Kowal; Danny Cowas)
  • Foma Koval (Фома Коваль; Tom; Coval)
  • Fedor Kovalchuk (Федор Ковальчук; Kowalchuk)
  • Evgraf Kovalenko (Евграф Коваленко; Efgram; Kovaleko; aka E. Koval)
  • Feodosiy Kovalenko (Феодосий Коваленко; Fedisiw Kovalenko; Feodosew; Feodosy; aka Fred Konert)

Kovalevich to Kozy

  • Fedor Kovalevich (Федор Ковалевич; Frank Kowalawich; Kowalowich)
  • Iakov Kovalevich (Иаков Ковалевич; Jacob Kowalewich; John)
  • Ilya Kovalsky (Louis Kowalsky; Kuznetz)
  • Józef Kowalski (Joseph; Joe; aka A. Gorny; aka Jan Gómy)
  • Matthew Kozario (Kosaric; Kosario; Kozaric)
  • Ivan Kozlik (Iwan; aka John Cozich; Gustko)
  • Vasil Kozlov (Василь Козлов; Kozlow)
  • Vasily Kozlovch (Wasily)
  • Osip Kozorez (Осип Козорез; aka Joseph Koza; Joe Koza)
  • Ivan Kozy (Иван Козы; John)

Krachie to Krutz

  • Pavel Krachie (Павел Крачий; Paul; Pawel; Krechin; Kreczin; Krachin)
  • Tikon Krasnov (Тихон Краснов; Tehon Krassnoff; Klassnoff; Rasnoff)
  • Faras Kravchuk
  • Peter Krawchuk
  • Natale Krilete (aka Boso)
  • Alexander Krishtal (Алексей Кришталь; Aleksey Krischtall; Kryshtal; Kryshtall)
  • Felip Krishtepowich
  • Teodor Krishtop (Теодор Криштоп; Theodore; Krishtiop)
  • Maxim Kruk (Максим Крук; Max)
  • Pavel Krupka (Павел Крупка; Paul; Krupkie; Krupkic)
  • John Krutz

Kubinskis to K_____

  • Stanislovas Kubinskis (Станисловас Кубинскис; Kubinskas; aka Stanley Kubinsky)
  • Michael Kucher
  • Efrem Kucher (Ефрем Кучер; Evsey; Evesey)
  • Alek Kuchinsky (Алек Кучинский)
  • Mikal Kudreyko (Микал Кудрейко; aka Peter Kravchuk, Петр Кравчук; aka Michael Kravchuk; Krawchuk)
  • Simon Kuish (Sam)
  • Ivan Kulak (Иван Кулак; John)
  • Roman Kulich (Kovalevich)
  • Mark Kulish (Марк Кулиш; Kulesch; Kulesh)
  • Nikolai Kuropato (Николай Куропато; Koroptko)
  • Tony Kurson (Kirsion; Kirson)
  • Michael Kusbit
  • Fedor Kushnarev (Федор Кушнарев; Theodore Kushnareff; Kushnirov; Kushneroff; aka Theodore Casher; aka Alexander Dalny or Dalney; aka Gregory Melnikoff)
  • Steve K______ (last name illegible)

Lachowsky to Lebed

  • Hyman Lachowsky (Chaim)
  • Charles Lindsay Lambert
  • Manya Lansky
  • Ivan Lapitsky (John; Lapinsky; Lapitzky)
  • Ivan Laposanko (aka John Lapko)
  • James Larkin (Jim; “Big Jim”)
  • Ludwig Lau
  • Stefan Lavrichuk (Стефан Лавричук; Lawrichuk; aka Steve Liunsky)
  • Mikal Lavrinuk (Микал Лавринюк; Michael Lawrinuk; Michail)
  • Giacamo Lavrio (James; Laverio; Lavero)
  • William Lawna (Launa; Lauwa; Lauva; aka Alfred Schmidt)
  • Andrey Lazarevich (Андрей Лазаревич; Andrew Lazarewich; Lazarowitz)
  • Maria Lazarevich (Мария Лазаревич; Mary Lazarewich)
  • Simeon Lebed (Sam)

Legeze to Levchuk

  • Mike Legeze (Legeza)
  • Terentius Leonov (Теренций Леонов; Terentias; Thomas; Leonoff; Leonof)
  • Mikal Leshchuk (Микал Лещук; Michael Lestchuk; Listchuk)
  • Arthur Lesiga (Артур Лесига; Lessiga)
  • Karl Lesse (Carl; Charles)
  • Daniil Levchuk (Даниил Левчук; Daniel Levozuk)

Libed to Lojan

  • Arkhip Libed (Архип Либед; Arhip; Lebed)
  • Mike Libeszky
  • Tito Ligi (aka Augusto Vitaletti)
  • Amedeo Lilli (Lillie)
  • Peter Linecky (Pete)
  • Dora Lipkin (Дора Липкин)
  • Samuel Lipman (Самуил Липман; Lippman; aka Schaie Lipzcuk)
  • Anton Lipsky (Антон Липский)
  • Demian Lisiuk (Демьян Лисюк; Lisuk)
  • Nikolai Lisiuk (Николай Лисюк; Nicholas; Nick)
  • Anton Lishkevich (Антон Личкевич; Lichkevitch; aka Anto Cotie)
  • Aftanasy Litvakoff
  • Anna Loban
  • Konstantin Loban (aka Peter Dedka or Dutka)
  • Michael Lojan (Mike)

López García to Lurie

  • Francisco López García (aka Frank R. Lopez; José Marinero; Jesus Lejendario; Albert Martin; Alberto Martín)
  • Andrew Lopitsky (Андрей Лопицкий)
  • Adolfo Lorenzini (aka John)
  • Ivan Loshakov (Иван Лошаков; Loshakoff; John)
  • Prokopy Losiov (Прокопий Лосиов; Losioff; Lasioff)
  • Anthony Lovenetsky (H. Levinensky)
  • Vasily Lukashuk (aka Lukov; Василий Лукашук aka Луков; William Lukow; Vasil)
  • Andrew Lukianow (aka John Wilichko)
  • Chaim Lurie (Хаим Лурье; Chaim; Michael; Loorie)

MacDonald to Makarevich

  • John Alex MacDonald (J. A. MacDonald; McDonald)
  • Samuel Mackway
  • Victor Macur
  • Nils Madsen (Nels; Madison)
  • Piotr Mager (Петр Магер; Peter Magyar)
  • Ivan Maiboroda (Иван Майборода; John)
  • Vinko Majetic
  • George Makaranko (Makarenko)
  • Lavrenti Makarevich (Лаврентий Макаревич; Lawrence Makarvitch)

Makliarchuk to Manninger

  • Lazar Makliarchuk (Matliarchok)
  • Ivan Malash (Иван Малаш; John)
  • Vasily Malevsky (Василий Малевский; Wassily Maliewsky)
  • Dan Malina
  • Karl Malmstrom
  • Ustin Manko (Устин Манько; Austin; Justyn)
  • Pavel Manko
  • Julius Manninger (Julian; aka Julius Pichler)

Mansevich to Martinovsky

  • Nikolai Mansevich (Николай Мансевич)
  • Philip Marchuk
  • Vito Mariani (Mariano)
  • Vakula Markovets
  • Sam Markowich
  • Ludwig C.A.K. Martens (Людвиг Карлович Мартенс)
  • John Martin
  • Tomás Martínez (Thomas Martinez)
  • Ivan Martinovsky (Иван Мартиновский; John Martinowski)

Martzin to McPherson

  • Mary Martzin
  • Vincent Martzin
  • Pietro Marucco (Peter; Marrucho)
  • Kazis Maskalunas (Казис Маскалунас; Kasimir Maskaljunas; Kaziz Maskilunas; Maskalunae)
  • Bartolomeo Massullo (Massulo)
  • William Matera
  • Pavel Matesky (Павел Матеский; Paul)
  • Elia Matuska
  • James Maundeloe
  • Donald McPherson (aka Edgar Dunn)

Mechuk to Meskov

  • Trofin Mechuk (Трофин Мечук; Trohwin; Trofwin Nacsuk)
  • Peter Melcishik
  • Gregory Melnikov (Melnicoff; aka Kushneroff; Oleinik)
  • Nikolai Melikov (Николая Меликова; Nick Melincoff; Melikoff)
  • Pavel Melnikov (Павел Мельников; Paul Melnicoff; Pawel Melnik; Mcinicoff)
  • Peter Williamson Merta (Melta; Murti; aka Peter Williamson)
  • Else Williamson Merta
  • Sam Meskov (Самуэль Месков; Serpion; Meshkov; Miskoff; Meshoff; Moshoff)

Metcalfe to Miller

  • Sidney Metcalfe (Sydney)
  • Nicholas Michels
  • Frederik Michkov (Фредерик Мичков; Fred Mechcoff; Michcov; Mihaitch)
  • Kalenik Migura (Kalymnyk)
  • Grigory Mikhalevich (Григорий Михалевич; Gregory Michaelevitcz; Nicholavitch; Michailevich; Michalkovich)
  • Nikolai Mikhaelov (Николай Михайлов; Nicholas Mihaeloff; Mikeloff; Michaelov; aka Peter Lund; Fritiak)
  • Gavril Mikhnevich (Гаврил Михневич; Hawril Michnewitz; Michniewich; Gavrilo)
  • Julius Miller (Юлиус Миллер)
  • Samuel Miller (Sholem Melamed; Schulim)

Milligan to Molochko

  • William Milligan (aka Wilson)
  • Anton Minarich (Tony)
  • Yakov Minich (Яков Минич; Jacob; Jakow; Minicz)
  • Petr Ivanovich Mironovich (Петр Иванович Миронович; Mironovich)
  • Xavier Mitalski
  • ______ Mirolyubov (Миролюбов)
  • Simeon Misnik (Симеон Мисник; Semeon; Minnik)
  • Joseph Miss
  • Nicholas Mlaveransky (Mlaverausky)
  • Ketia Fedrovich Molkowsky (Кетя Федрович Молковский; aka L. C. Marten; Leo Martin)
  • Aggi Molochko (Агги молочко; aka Mike A. Molaka)

Momotuk to Murza

  • Trofin Momotuk (Трофин Момотук; Mormochuk; Theodore Maumat)
  • Giuseppe Montagni
  • Tugardo Montanari (Montenari)
  • Ivan Morgolenkow (aka John Novak)
  • Grigori Moroz (Григорий Мороз; Gregory; aka Mike Moroz)
  • Roman Mosichuk (Роман Мосичук; Mosichok; Mosicshok; Mosithuk)
  • Pavel Mozuris (Paul; Mozures)
  • Joseph Mule
  • Camillo Muñoz (Munos)
  • José Maria Murias
  • Vasily Murza (Василий Мурза; Wasily; aka Sam Drozda, Sam Murza, Sam Murgu)

Nabagez to Newlander

  • Ivan Nabagez (Иван Набагез; John; Nabajix; Nabagiz)
  • Alexander Nagula (Александр Нагула)
  • Pasquale Nardini
  • Anani Nazarchuk (Анани Назарчук; Anni; Andrew; Nazarczuk)
  • Andrei Nazaruk (Андрей Назарук; Andrew; Mazaruk; aka Prisoophick)
  • Gavril Nechiporenko (Гаврил Нечипоренко; Gabriel)
  • Mayer Libson Nehring (Myer; Meier; Libsohn; Nearing)
  • Pavel Nestoruk (Павел Несторук; Paul Nestoruck; aka Piole Nestium; Prole Nestruk; Nestrum)
  • Ivan Nevar (Иван Невар; John Newar)
  • Carl William Newlander (Karl Wilhelm Nylander)

Nichiperuck to Notore

  • Walter Nichiperuck
  • José Nicieza (Niechesa; Nierchesa; Micezer)
  • Frank Nikolaev (Николаев; Nikolaeff)
  • Paul Nikolajchyk (aka Paul Nicholas)
  • Anton Nikolaychuk (Nick; Nikolajchuk)
  • Alexey Nishancoff (Aleck; Alexey Nischtsshankow; Alexis Nischtschkenov; Nischenko)
  • David Nordloff
  • Joe Notore (Ioe)

Novenad to Nozevsky

  • Frank A. Novenad
  • Petr Novik (Петр Новик; Peter Novick; Nowick)
  • Yakim Novik (Яким Новик; Noik)
  • Ivan Novikov (Иван Новиков; Novikoff)
  • Alexander Noviksichi
  • Peter Novokov (Петр Новоков; Pete; Novokoff)
  • Vikenti Nozevsky (Викенти Нозевский; Vincent Nozewski)

Ochrimuk to Oradovsky

  • Nikolai Ochrimuk (Ochrymuk)
  • Julius Ohsis (Юлий Осис; Osis)
  • Kate Ohsis (Екатерина Осис; Katie; Osis; née Namin)
  • Erofey Okoletenko (Ерофей околетенко; Erofly; Grofey; Okoletenco)
  • Adolf Olehnovich (Adam; Olahucvicz; Alechnovitz)
  • Isidor Oleynik (Исидор Олейник; Sidor; Sergiej; Uleynik)
  • Harry Olshansky (Harvey, Herasim)
  • Nikolai Omelianchuk (Николай Омельянчук; Nicholas)
  • Wong Tai On (Ong Wu Tai; aka Lee Tai Cen)
  • Fred Onischuk (Онищук)
  • Porfiry Onishchenko (Порфирий Онищенко; Porfiery Onishsenko)
  • Aleksandr Opotsky (Александр Опоцкий; aka Aleksandr Antonov; Александр Антонов)
  • Markus Naumovich Oradovsky (Маркус Наумович Орадовский; Marcus)
  • Rosa Oradovsky (Роза Орадовская; Rose)

Orlov to Pankov

  • Mikhail Orlov (Михаил Орлов; Mike; Orloff)
  • Samuel Orlov (Самуил Орлов; Sam; Orloff)
  • Albert Osborn
  • Anton Ostopchuk
  • Nick Ostreiko
  • Osip Otrozttzek (Otroschyk, O’Troschy, aka Joe Trocki)
  • Yakov Ozols (Яков Озолс; Jacob; Ozal; Ozols)
  • Peter Paich (Paick)
  • Alexandr Palukevich (Александр Палукевич; Alexander; Palukovich; Pavlukoich)
  • Pavel Panasuk (Павел Панасук; Paul; Panosik)
  • Joseph T. Pandack
  • Dimitri Panko (Дмитрий Панко; Panco)
  • Pavel Pankov (Павел Панков; Pual Panko)

Parenti to Penske

  • Luigi Parenti (Louis)
  • Theodor Pasiuk (Feodor, Paschuk)
  • Lev Paskovich (Лев Паскович; Levi Paskevick)
  • John Paskvalick (Pashvalisk)
  • George Pasukow
  • Artemy Pavluk (Артемий Павлук; Pauluk; Paulik)
  • Peter Pavlas (Петр Павлас; Pete; Pawlas; Pawalas; Pavlus)
  • Josef Penske (Йозеф Пенске; Joseph Penski)

Perkus to Petruccioli

  • Hyman Perkus (Хайман Перкус; Nikofor)
  • Filippo Perrone (Philip; Felipe; aka Vincenzo Lentini)
  • Pietro Giovanni Perruchon (Peter; aka Ursus)
  • Paraliett Kutzman Petcoff (Kuzman; Huzman)
  • Jose Petit y Fernandez (Jose Petit Fernandez; Jose Petit; aka Casimiro Petit Fernandez; Jesus Sanchez)
  • Konstantin Petrashka (Константин Петрашка; Kontatin Petrosham; Kostativ Petroshak)
  • Settimio Petruccioli (Settime; Settimo; Petrucioli)

Pivarsky to Potenkin

  • Steve Pivarsky
  • Jacob Plajek
  • Mike Podalak
  • Mathew Podlipsky (Матвей Подлипский)
  • Marko Podner
  • Wolf Pohl (aka Pawlowicz; Pavlovich)
  • George Polevoy (Полевой)
  • Josef Polulech (Йозеф Полулех; Joseph; aka Joseph Balluch)
  • Jacob Popich
  • Serjy Porchunoff (Sergy; Sergey)
  • Andrew Postaruk (Pestaruk?)
  • Efrim Potenkin (Ефрим Потемкин; Efrem; Efreem; Potemkin)

Povff to Prokuda

  • Sam Povff (Pavff; aka Henry Lang; Sam Brokr; Otto Schwarz; Harry Wulf)
  • Ivan Povlycic
  • Pearl Powell (Perl; Powel; Podell; aka Polia Pawlockaya)
  • Andrei Pranka (Андрей Пранка; Andy; Prauka)
  • Ivan Pravoslavnov (Иван Православнов; John Pravosleavanv)
  • Frank Prego
  • Grigori Prigozy (Григорий Пригози; Gregory; George)
  • Stepan Prokopovich (Степан Прокопович; Steve Prokopowich; Prakspoduch)
  • Platon Prokuda (Платон Прокуда; Plaron; A. Proncudo)

Proshkovich to Ravavio

  • Fedor Proshkovich (Федор Прошкович; Theodor)
  • Tomas Prosk (Томас Проск; Thomas; Drosk; Rosk)
  • Anton Prushchuk (Антон Прущук; Anthony Pruschuk; Tony)
  • Demian Pruss (Демиан Прусс; Bruss)
  • Louis Purtikowsky (Purtik; Pyrtek)
  • Kazimir Radkovits (Казимир Радковиц; Kazimer Radkowicz)
  • Pavel Rak (Павел Рак; Paul; Rakand)
  • Ignaty Ramoroff
  • Michael Ransc
  • Albert Rasimovicius (Rasimo)
  • Yakim Ravavio (Ravavoi)

Reid to Rivera

  • Patrick Reid (aka Larry; Jimmy; Billy; Matt)
  • Dimitry Remar
  • Benjamin Repsys (Repshys)
  • Manuel Rey y García (Manuel Rey; aka Louis G. Raymond)
  • Federico Ricci (aka D. Federico Ricci)
  • Daniel Rice (Reisch; Risch)
  • Augusto Rigoni (August)
  • Thomas Rimmer
  • Louis Ristick (Luis)
  • Librado Rivera

Roberts to Roy

  • Vasily Roberts (Wasily; Robertz; Robetz)
  • Jack Robey
  • Alfred Robinson
  • Abraham Rodríguez
  • Juan Rodríguez
  • Konstantin Romanchuk (Константин Романчук; Konstan; Konstanti)
  • Gavril Romanovich (Гавриил Романович; Gabriel)
  • Jesus Romo
  • Angel Roncal
  • Maxim Rosak (Максим Росак; Max; Roosak)
  • Savely Roshkov (Савелий Рошков; aka Charles Roshko)
  • Mikail Rosnak (Микаил Роснак; Michael Rosnack; Bosnack)
  • Janet Johnstone Roy (Jeanette; Janet Johnstone MacKay)
  • Margaret Roy (Margaret Ray)

Roznuk to Saccaro

  • Demian Roznuk (Demin; Rozenok; Demetri Rosicok; Demyan Rogeanok)
  • Axel Rudolph
  • John C. Ruggieri (aka John C. Rogers)
  • Boris Trofinov Rusak (Борис Трофинов Русак; Russak; aka John Rusak; Boris Tropinav)
  • Giuseppe Russo
  • Rustemann, _________
  • Ryoukov/Ryzhukov, _________
  • Ivan Sabshuk (Иван Сабшук)
  • Cesare Saccaro (Caesar; aka Frank Saccaro)

Sachar to Sánchez

  • Andrey Sachar (Андрей Сачар; Andrej; Andrew; aka Henry Sugar)
  • Andrei Sacharchuk
  • Mike Sachco
  • Nikita Safroniev (Никита Сафроньев; Necita; Zafronia; Safronieff)
  • Orteof Sahtabnog (Ortiof; Ortiob Shtabnoy)
  • Nikofor Salabay (Никофор Салабай)
  • Marcelo Salinas y López (Marcelino; Marcelo Salinas; Marcelo Salinas Lopez; aka Marcelino Menendez; Jorge Gallart; George Gallart; Pedro Martín; Pedro Martín Sánchez; Palomero)
  • Nikolai Salov (Николай Салов; Nick Saloff)
  • Nikolai Saluk (Николай Салюк; Nikolaj; Celiuk)
  • Roland S. Samuleson (aka Roy Samuelson)
  • Ivan Samuylov (Иван Самуйлов; John; Samuyloff; Somaurloff; Samuyilof)
  • Vladimir Samuylov (Владимир Самуйлов; Samuyloff; Samoileff; aka Pavel Wolkoff)
  • Ramón Sánchez
  • Ramón L. Sánchez (aka R.J. Sánchez)

Sanchini to Sarvas

  • Giobbe Sanchini
  • Irma Sanchini (née Cassolino)
  • Ivan Sanko (Иван Санько; Iwan; Evan; Sinko; Sankio)
  • Plácido Santamaría (Placidio; Santa Maria)
  • Turibbio Santarelli (Tribio; aka Giuseppe or Joseph Santarelli; Joseph Galligari)
  • Alex Sarchkoff
  • Ivan Sarvas (Иван Сарвас; John)

Sastre to Scali

  • Manuel Sastre (Manuel Sastre y Garcia)
  • Prokofen Savach
  • Sergei Savchuk (Сергей Савчук; Savshuk)
  • Mieczyslaw Savitsky (Мечислав Савицкий; Michael; Mike; Savitzki; Savitzky; Savitskey; Sevitsky; Sawicki)
  • Petr Stepanovich Savko (Петр Степанович Савко; Peter; Sawka)
  • Andrey Savruk (Андрей Саврук; Andrew Sawruk)
  • Timofey Saychenko (Тимофей Сайченко)
  • Giuseppe Scali

Scarlett to Schnabel

  • Sam Scarlett (Samuel)
  • Boris Schatz (Борис Шац or Шатц; Shatz)
  • Harry Schatz (Гарри Шац or Шатц; Alexander; Alex; Shatz)
  • John Carl Schedel (Schadel)
  • Nathan Schechter (Shechter; Shacter)
  • Raffaele Schiavina (aka Max Sartin; Melchior Steele; Bruno)
  • Andrew Schkurski (Андрей Шкураки; N. Schkurski/Schkursky; Shkursky)
  • Adolph Ivanovich Schnabel (Адольф Иванович Шнабель; Adolf; Schnabel-Delass; Sznabel; Schnabel)

Schwartzwalder to Sergi

  • George Schwartzwalder (Schwartz; Schwartzwaldez; Schwartzwalden)
  • Stepan Schwetz (Shoetz)
  • George Sechke (Георгий Сечке; Sechko)
  • Vasily Sedov (Василий Седов; Vasil Sedoff)
  • Mike Seegan (Semon; Michael Seegunoff)
  • Mike Ivanovich Selovieve
  • Feodor Semenchuk (Frank)
  • Andy Sereck (Andrew; Sirik; Savick)
  • Alexander Serevetnik (Александр Сереветник)
  • Ivan Sergeyenko (Иван Сергеенко; John)
  • Evdokin Sergeyshik (Евдокин Сергейшик; Efdokin; Sargeychik)
  • Salvatore Sergi

Sernaker to Shakman

  • Bernard Lazarevich Sernaker (Бернард Лазаревич Сернакер; aka Adolph/Adolff Benet Sernaker)
  • Kondrate Serovatka (Кондратэ Сероватка; Conrad)
  • Stanislav Servatka (Станислав Серватка; Stanislaus; Stanley; Serwatka)
  • Vladimir Sestrensky (Владимир Сестренский)
  • Nicholai Sevany (Николай Севаны; Nicoli; Savin; Sevin)
  • Afanasy Severny (Афанасий Северный; Alfamasy; aka Frank Sergin)
  • Edward Shainfine (Эдвард Шейнфайн)
  • Witte Moses Shakman

Shardov to Sheleg

  • Zachary Shardov (Захарий Шардов; Sharkoff)
  • Nicholas Shattovaleff
  • Stepan Shatuka (Степан Шатука; Stephen)
  • John Sheehan
  • Gordei Sheika (Гордей Шейка)
  • Mikail Sheleg (Микаил Шелег; Shelef)
  • Nestor Mikhailovich Sheleg (Нестор Михайлович Шелег; Nasto; Michaelovich)

Shepelov to Shveykus

  • Efrem Shepelov (Ефрем Шепелов; Ephraim)
  • Anton Sheroff (Antone)
  • Walter Sherwen (Wherwan; Wladylaw Czerwonajcio)
  • Mikhail A. Shinkarenko (Михаил А. Шинкаренко; Michael; Shinkaroff)
  • Trofin Shipuk (Трофин Шипук; Trofim Chepuk)
  • Alexander Shkilnyuk (Александр Шкильнюк; Shkilnuk; Szkilniuk)
  • Andrey Shkuraki (Андрей Шкураки; Andrew Schkuraki; Schkruski)
  • Lukoz Shohidko (Lukcz Shoidko; Louis Sedlko; Zhohidko)
  • Fred Sholuh
  • John Shumavich
  • Mikhail Shveykus (Михаил Швейкус; Mike Shweikus)

Siluch to Sokolovsky

  • Ludwig Siluch (Siluh; Siluk)
  • Giuseppe Simone (Joe; Simeone)
  • Peter Sinavski (Pete)
  • Andrew Sinitza
  • Gabriel Siniza
  • Yakov Sinov (Яков Синов; Jacob Sinoff; Synov; Synoff; Finoff; Zinoff; aka Smith)
  • Onasin Sivicky
  • Grigori “Harry” Skochuk (Tkachuk; Thachuk; Zjuk; aka Levchenko)
  • Matfey Skorina (Матфей Скорина; Mike Skorena)
  • Konstantin Skorokod (Константин Скорокод)
  • Peter Skrigan
  • Grigori Ivanovich Skrobat (Григорий Иванович Скробат; Gregory; Skrobet)
  • Peter Skudney
  • Nikolai Slyvka (Николай Сливка; Nickoli)
  • Andrey Smal (Андрей Смаль; Andy)
  • Arthur J. Smith
  • Abram Snikarenko (Абрам Сникаренко; Snicarenko; Sniewrenko)
  • Malakhiya Sokolovsky (Malachia; Sokolofski; Sokolowski)

Solari to Spisak

  • Giuseppe Solari
  • Peter Solocha (Penataley; Solocho)
  • Fedor Solenki (Федор Соленки; Fred; Solonika)
  • Karl W. Sonntag (aka John Fensky)
  • Emilio Souto
  • Charles Spangberg
  • Andrew Jacob Spisak (aka A.J. Smith)

Stalzer to Stechishin

  • Franz Stalzer (Frank)
  • John Stanger (Ivan Shtanger)
  • Konstantin Stankevich (Константин Станкевич; Konstantine; Contanti; Stankewich; Stankevitz; aka Kostuk Clarensky)
  • Yevgeny Starikevich (Евгений Старикевич; Eugei; Evgenu)
  • Simon Starovotenko (Симон Старовотенко; Skarowojyuko)
  • Feofan Stavishuk (Stanisuski)
  • Nikolai Stechishin (Николай Стечишин; Nicholas; Stichishin; Stecsysyn)

Steimer to Stepanov

  • Mollie Steimer (Молли Штеймер)
  • Sigfrid Stenberg (Siegfried)
  • Anton Stepanov (Антон Степанов; Stepanoff; aka Alex Porfenchuk; Perfenshuck)
  • Osip Stepanov (Осип Степанов; Ossip; Stepanoff; aka Joseph; Joe)

Stepanuk to Sulavka

  • Naum Stepanuk (Наум Степанюк; Nahum; Nailm; Nick; Stepanick)
  • Charles Stern (aka George Angulis)
  • Jacob Stlmaszcsuk [last name partially illegible]
  • Gordey Stolatchuk (Gordic)
  • Tony Stolke
  • Karl Strelchuk (Карл Стрелчук)
  • Nick Sudnick (Zudnik)
  • David Sukhov (Давид Сухов; Suchov; Suhov)
  • Estafy Sulavka (Эстафий Сулавка; Istafy; Sulawka; aka E. Dstafy)

Supino to Tabenko

  • Giuseppantonio Supino (Giuseppe Supino; aka Joe Spino)
  • Michael Surigatanoff (last name partially illegible)
  • Adam Susnowics
  • Carl Swelgin (Karl)
  • Yustif Svenko (Юстиф Свенко; Estife Swenko)
  • Alrik Swenson
  • Mikhail Szerba (Михаил Щерба; Mike; Shcherba; Szcerba; Szerbo)
  • Parfem Tabenko (Парфем Табенко; aka Porify Silkuko; Proify Silnko)

Tadzizieg to Targony

  • Yefin Tadzizieg (Tadsixieg; aka Podziziej)
  • Hussein Tagiev (Хусейн Тагиев; Kussin; Gusein; Tagieff; aka Alexander Carson; Hussein Caucasian)
  • George Talas
  • William Tanner (Karl William Tanner)
  • Vasiliy Ivanovich Tarasyuk (Василий Иванович Тарасюк; Wasily; Tarasiuk; Tarasiak)
  • Alex Targony (таргони)

Tataranovich to Tori

  • Victor Tataranovich (Виктор Татаранович)
  • Josef Teichman (Joe; Feichman)
  • Nik Telatitski
  • Xenofon Timologos (Cimologon)
  • Jacob Tiomay(?)
  • Afanasy Timonatnko
  • Konrad Tkach (Конрад Ткач; Kondrat)
  • Mike Tkach
  • Gerasim Tkachuk (Harry)
  • Benjamin Tobak
  • Spas Todorov (Спас Тодоров; Sam; Todoroff)
  • Nicholas Torbiak (Nick)
  • Iacopo Tori (Jacopo; Jacob; aka Louis Tori)

Tranets to Urgel

  • Stefan Tranets (Стефан Транец; aka Tronick)
  • Stepan Tretyakov (Степан Третьяков; Stephen Tretiakoff
  • Nestor Masarev Trubey (Нестор Масарев Трубей)
  • Wasili Truchan (Wasilia; William)
  • Vincent Tryzno
  • Anton Trzpiot
  • Ortiub Tsubrick
  • Foma Turka (Фома Турка; aka Tom; Tommie)
  • Mike Tymoschavic
  • Peter Urgel (Pete; Urgell)

Urkevich to Vazenas

  • Peter Urkevich (Петр Уркевич; Urkevitch; Yurkovics; Yurkewicz; aka John Jorkevits)
  • Josip Vargo (Joseph; Varga; aka Jospeh Vasek)
  • Angelo Varricchio
  • Vasiliy Vaschuk (Василий Ващук; Wasily Waschuk; aka Porify Silkuko; Proify Silnko)
  • Mikhail Vaseyko (Михаил Васейко; Michael; Wassiko; Vaseiko; Mike Vsiko)
  • Zachary Vaseyko (Захарий Васейко; Zach Wasciki)
  • Iosif Vasilenko (Иосиф Василенко; Joseph; Joe; Wassilenko)
  • Nikolai Vasilyev (Николай Васильев; Nicholas; Wasilieff; aka Adam Vlasoff)
  • Konstantin Vasiliuk (Константин Василюк)
  • Maria Vasiliuk (Мария Василюк; Mary)
  • Stefan Vasiluk (Стефан Василук; Stephan; Wasiluk)
  • Vasily Vasilyevich (Василий Васильевич; Wasilly; Wasilewics; Wasylewics; Wasylevicz)
  • Stanley Vazenas

Veremiuk to Volk

  • Ivan Veremiuk (Иван Веремюк; Iwan; John; Vermenuk; Veramanuk; Veremink)
  • Juan Villanueva
  • Alexander Vinik (Александр Виник; Alex; Alec)
  • Demian Vlasov (Демьян Власов; Vlasoff; Wlasof; aka John Vlasoff)
  • Maysey Voleshynyuk
  • Georgiy Volk (Георгий Волк; George; Wolk; aka Wolf or Wolfe)

Volkov to Wälläri

  • Filip Volkov (Philip; Wolkoff; Volk)
  • Issay Volkov (Иссай Волков; George; Wolkoff)
  • George Voloh (Георгий Волох?)
  • Peter Voloshin (Петр Волошин; Pete; Woloshim)
  • Nikolai Volosyuk (Николай Волосук; Nicolai; Nikolaj; Volosuk; aka Mike Walker)
  • Carl Voss (Carl Heinrich Frederick Voss)
  • Niilo Wälläri (Nillo; Nullo; Nulo)

Walter to Whitehead

  • Albert Wilhelm Walter
  • Henry William Watts (Willy; H. W. Watts)
  • Gregory Isaakovich Weinstein (Григорий Исаакович Вайнштейн; Grigoriy Isaakovich Vaynshteyn)
  • Alfred Wesley (Westley)
  • Albert Whitehead

Wilckens to Yanish

  • Kurt Gustav Wilckens (aka Chris Jensen; Gus Jansen)
  • Harry Wodner (Wadner; Wardner)
  • Kronagi Workolf
  • Maxim Worobey
  • Ignac Worobien (Ignace)
  • Pavel Yakimov (Павел Якимов; Paul; Jacimoff; Jakimov)
  • Mikhail Yakovlev (Михаил Яковлев; Mike; Yakovleff)
  • Mikhail Yanish (Михаил Яниш; Mike)

Yarmovics to Zamora

  • Constanti Yarmovics (Constant)
  • Mikhal Yarosevich (Михал Яросевич; Mihal)
  • Andrew Yarosevick (Jarosevich, Jaroschwicz)
  • Fred Yarovoy (Фредрих Яровой; Yarovoi)
  • Alex Yartim (Yarstein; Jorhem)
  • Dimitry Yasinsky (Дмитрий Ясинский; Yasensky; Yesinsky)
  • Ivan Yatsyshen (Иван Яцышен; John Yatzyshen)
  • William Yaukum (Yankum; Yankul)
  • John Yereb
  • John Zabrian
  • George Zaklan
  • J. Zamora

Zaremba to Zezula

  • Alexander Zaremba (Александр Заремба)
  • Mikhail Zatyn (Михаил Затынь; Michael)
  • Fedor Zatsarinin (Федор Зацаринин; Fedoai Zatzarinin; aka Fred Lubinosenko)
  • Tomas Zayats (Томас Заяц; Thomas)
  • Yakov Zboromirsky (Яков Зборомирский; Jacob; Vboromirsky)
  • Mikhail Zdanowich (Михаил Зданович; Mike; Zdanowich)
  • Stepan Zedik (Степан Зедик; Steipan)
  • Stephan Zezula

Zharko to ______

  • Nikifor Zharko (Никифор Жарко; Zarko)
  • Lukian Viktolorovich Zibula (Лукиан Виктолорович Зибула; Luka; Victolorovish; Sebull; Tsibuliev)
  • Bertha Zimmerman (Берта Цимерман; née Masdawid or Masdawit)
  • David Davidovich Zimmerman (Давид Давидович Цимерман)
  • Victor Zubkiadich (Виктор Зубкиадич; Jubkiavich)
  • Nestor Zubko (Нестор Зубко; aka Walter)
  • Simeon Zuk (Симеон Цук; Sam; Zuek; Suek)
  • Jonas Zakauski (Zukauskas)
  • Talki Zukauski (Zukauskas)
  • Salvatore Zumpano
  • Anton ______