Goldman to Grau i Jassans

Emma Goldman

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Born 1869, Kovno, Russia (present-day Lithuania). Jewish. Garment worker; nurse; editor. Migrated to US 1885. Became anarchist in US due to Haymarket Affair; soon one of the leading anarchist propagandists in US. Arrested at least thirteen times in US for her activities. Founder and publisher of Mother Earth (1906-1917). Cofounded the Conscription League in 1917, and arrested with Alexander Berkman in June that year under the Espionage Act for interfering in the draft. Sentenced to two years imprisonment and $10,000 fine. After her release, deported on the Buford. n Russia, she and Berkman collected materials for a Museum of the Revolution. Broke with Bolsheviks after 1921 Kronstadt Rebellion; left Russia December 1921 with Berkman. Lived in Germany, France, England, and Canada, continuing her activism and also campaigning against the Soviet dictatorship. 1934 allowed to return to US for a few months for a lecture tour. 1936 traveled to Barcelona during Spanish Civil War, and traveled Europe on behalf of the anarcho-syndicalist CNT. Died in Toronto February 1940.

INS file 52410/43

See also: Emma Goldman, Living My Life; Emma Goldman, My Disillusionment in Russia; Paul Avrich and Karen Avrich, Sasha and Emma: The Anarchist Odyssey of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman

Philip Golishko (Felip, Filip)

Born 1894, Grodno, Russia (present-day Belarus). Laborer. Migrated to US 1914. Member of both the IWW and Union of Russian Workers. Arrested Seattle, February 1920. Deported January 1921. Subsequent activities unknown.

FBI file OG 381765

Grigory Varfolomeevich Gorbich (Григорий Варфоломеевич Горбич; Gregory; Gorbitch)

Born 1896, Brest or Grodno, Russia (present-day Belarus). Metalworker. Date of migration to US unknown. Anarchist since 1916 and a member fo the Union of Russian Workers. Settled in Petrograd. Deported February 1921. Arrested 1922 “for crossing the border from Poland.” Arrested again July 1923 and sentenced to two years internal exile away from Russia’s major cities or border areas. Arrested again 1925 and again sentenced to internal exile for three years. No further information found.

See: International Committee for Political Prisoners, Letters from Russian Prisons; G. P. Maximoff, The Guillotine at Work: Twenty Years of Terror in Russia (Data and Documents);

Nikolay Gorin (Николай Горин; Nick; Nicholai; Nickolai)

Born 1895, Tverskoy, Russia. Migrated to US 1912. Machinist. Migrated to US 1912. In Bridgeport, Connecticut joined the Russian branch of the Socialist Party of America, then joined the local branch of the Union of Russian Workers in 1919 and became its secretary. Arrested February, 1920. Deported January 1921. Subsequent activities unknown.

FBI file OG 381756

Ivan Gornobsky (John)

Deported to Russia February 1921. No further information found.

Included on list of deported radicals in INS file 54325/36G

Vasil Gornovsky (Василь Горновский; Gornovisky)

Born 1894, Russia. Laborer. Migrated to US 1913. Member of the Union of Russian Workers and the IWW. Arrested Seattle, November 1919. Deported February 1921. Subsequent activities unknown.

FBI file OG 388242

George Goroshkov (Гарошков or Горошков, Garoshkow, Gorshkov, aka Ivan Balui)

Born 1880, Mogilev, Russia (present-day Belarus). Laborer. Migrated to US 1912. Wife and child in Russia. Joined Union of Russian Workers in Monessen, Pennsylvania, in early 1919. Deported on the Buford. Subsequent activities unknown.

INS file 54709/214; FBI file OG 383004

Samuil Goz (Самуил Гоз; Samuel; Sam; Gordon)

Laborer. Deported to Russia, February 26, 1921. No further information found.

Included on list of deported radicals in INS file 55110/4

Ivan Gramatsky

Born 1895, Russia. Migrated to US 1914. Joined Communist Party of America December 1919. Arrested Newark January 1920. Deported December 1920. Subsequent activities unknown.

FBI file OG 384985

Josep Grau i Jassans (José Grau Jassans; Jose Grau; Jessans; Jensans; aka Arnaldo Sopelana/Sopelano, Adolfo Apelle)

Born 1899, Barcelona, Spain. Sailor (oiler and fireman). Anarchist; member of Spanish anarcho-syndicalist CNT. Migrated to US 1917. Immediately joined IWW after arrival and became organizer for it. Member of Los Corsarios Group which published anarchist paper El Corsario, of which Grau i Jassans edited the first three issues before quitted due to disagreements with the group. One of 14 group members arrested in New York, February 1919, by Secret Service on baseless allegations of plotting to assassinate President Wilson. All charges dropped. Arrested again May 1919 while a delegate to a convention of the IWW’s Marine Transport Workers in Philadelphia. Denied being an anarchist, but admitted IWW membership. Deported December 1919. In Spain joined the anarcho-syndicalist CNT and became a leader of its transportation workers’ union in Barcelona; involved in relaunched CNT paper Solidaridad Obrera. Joined the pro-Communist minority Comités Sindicalistas Revolucionarios within the CNT, and in this capacity attended the Third Congress of Profintern in Moscow in 1924. When the Second Spanish Republic was declared in 1931, he joined the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC, or Republican Left of Catalonia), a social-democratic, pro-Catalan independence party, and was appointed the private secretary of ERC leader Lluís Companys i Jover. In July 1931 Grau i Jassans was elected to Spanish parliament as an ERC representative, and in that role focused on defending workers and Catalan autonomy. Re-elected in 1933, but expelled in 1934 for allegedly attempting to discredit opponents within the ERC; in 1936 he was “rehabilitated” within the ERC. During the Spanish Civil War, appointed inspector of the state-run petroleum company and of municipal commissioners. 1939 fled to France, and 1942 migrated to Mexico, where joined by wife and two daughters. Worked as a salesman in Mexico, where died in 1965.

INS file 5461/211; FBI file BS 40-9016-1

See also: Arnaldo Sopelana [Josep Grau i Jassans], Lo que yo he visto en Norte-América; Arnau Gonzàlez i Vilalta, Els diputats catalans a les Corts constituents republicanes, 1931-1933 : nacionalisme, possibilisme i reformisme social;;

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