Hing to Indriunas

Wong Hing (Harry Hing)

Born 1899, Guangdong, China. Student; restaurant worker. Migrated to US 1916 (via Mexico, without inspection). Attended Columbia University. Arrested January 1919 as a leader of IWW-led strike of Chinese restaurant workers. Deported March 1919 on charge of illegal entry.

INS file 54490/3 (file missing); see also file 54519/2

See also: Baltimore Sun, February 6, 1919; The Rebel Worker, May 15, 1919

Mikhail Hirney (Michael; Mike; Herney)

Born Pokrovka, Samara Oblast, Russia, 1899. Migrated to US 1912. Store clerk. Member of Socialist Party and then member and secretary of Flint, Michigan’s Russian Branch of the Communist Party. Arrested January 1920. Deported to Russia, February 26, 1921.

INS file 54860/738

Mikhail Hladish (Hladysh)

Born c. 1885 in Galicia, Austria-Hungary. Ukrainian. Migrated to US 1913. Laborer. Wife in Russia. Joined the Socialist Party in 1919, then the Communist Party September 1919. Secretary of CP branch in East Youngstown, Ohio. Deported to Russia, February 26, 1921.

INS file 54810/553

Alfred Hoffman (aka Edward Compe; Edward Kerlap; Edwin Hoffman)

Born 1886, Hamburg, Germany. Sailor; laborer. Migrated to US 1907 (jumped ship in San Francisco). Joined IWW around 1913; repeatedly arrested for strike-related activities. Seattle. Interned as an “enemy alien” at Fort Douglas, Utah, but declared “I am not a German, no. I am not patriotic for any country.” “Voluntary departure” June 1919.

INS file 54379/64

Fritz Arthur Holm

Born 1890, Korsberga, Sweden. Carpenter. Migrated to US 1911. Joined IWW 1912; also an anarchist and subscriber to Alexander Berkman’s The Blast. Wrote “Strictly opposed to war” on his draft card. Secretary of the Scandinavian Defense League. Arrested Seattle, February 1918; authorities discovered “a wagon load of I.W.W. and anarchist literature in his room.” Deported July 1919.

In Sweden, married Ellen Hildur Margareta Molin, 1923. May have written articles for the German anarcho-syndicalist paper Der Syndikalist in the 1920s. Died 1975.

INS file 54379/114

Paul Holovkin (Prokop Holowkin; Golowkin)

Born 1888, Grodno, Russia (present-day Belarus). Longshoreman. Migrated to US 1914. Widower; a son in Russia. Joined Branch no. 1 of the Union of Russian Workers in Baltimore, 1919. Deported on the Buford. 1921 reported to have been “shot by the Bolshevik authorities as an active counter-revolutionist.”

INS file 54709/318; FBI file BS 202600-2386-1

Andrew Hostilla (Andrey Kastialla)

Born 1895, Minsk, Russia (present-day Belarus). Machinist. Migrated to US 1914. Drafted into US Army 1918; honorably discharged December 1918. Member of Newark branch of the Union of Russian Workers. Arrested during first Palmer Raids, November 1919. Deported on the Buford.

INS file 54709/353

Pete Hydamachuk (Peter)

Born 1893, Podolsky, Russia. Polish. Immigrated to Canada 1913, then to US 1917. Autoworker. Member of Machinists’ Union (AFL) and attended Detroit night school run by Russian Branch No. 4 of the Communist Party. Signed an application to join the party, but no evidence he officially joined. Arrested January 1920. Deported March 18, 1921.

INS file 54859/774

Stepanos Indriunas (Степанос Индриунас; Steponas)

Born 1893, Kovno, Russia (present-day Kaunas, Lithuania). Lithuanian. Immigrated to US 1912. Laborer. Member of Lithuanian Branch No. 74 of the Communist Party of American in Rockford, Illinois. Arrested January 1920. Deported to Russia, February 26, 1921.

INS file 54860/666

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